LOVE Xmas 2012: Online Interactive Projection Mapping

This Christmas at LOVE we decided to take our 2D mural projection mapping a step further. LOVE commissioned an Ian Stevenson to come up with a new Christmas themed mural to cover our 5×3 metre wall by reception. My job was to develop a system that could enable us to projection map animations back onto […]

ARTR for Salford Uni at MediaCityUK

At LOVE I spent the last few weeks developing an art installation for Salford University at MediaCityUK, where people can add their brush strokes to a huge digital canvas using their smartphone and tablet. This involved three massive screens, three rack-mounted Mac’s, a laptop, Socket.IO, node.js, a mobile web app and four AIR apps (using […]

Cinema4D r12 to Three.js workflow (in note form)

– Create your scene in Cinema4D – Make sure all of the normals are correct (to prevent having to double side everything) – Select all of the objects to bake – Replace items after bake – Export as *.3ds – Open Blender – Import *.3ds – Export as Wavefront (.obj) – Get this python script […]