PlayStation Unwrapped!

Here’s a little something we put together for SCEE this Christmas. They have been having a free gift givaway. No catch! Pure free gifty goodness! There were some amazing prizes to win, and a big juicy present to throw about …

Umbro 1350

Here is a site I’ve been developing over the past couple of months at LOVE. It’s for Umbro’s global campaign for 1350. The custom module has been built to run on the existing Umbro Flash site.


After hours of decoding and cross-referencing hexadecimal numbers with an Ascii table, and studying the LED boards 20-odd page communication protocol – I was able to create a Processing library to communicate with our LED board via the RS-232 protocol. …

U+270D: Dear Diary

We’ve just done another interactive projection for DOROTHY / LOVE at Ctrl.Alt.Shift’s Dear Diary event at Hoxton Hall. We set up a Mac for people to write there darkest (not so secret) secrets on. The movements were recorded and sent …

PS3 The Game Microsite

Before we started to make any minigames for The Game, I had the opportunity to do some cool programmatic animation for the PS3 The Game microsite, which was also a lot of fun to make at LOVE.

PS3 The Game

Most people enjoy a summer holiday, but I had the pleasure of spending my summer building games and other bits for the PS3 The Game campaign alongside many other talented people at LOVE. The Game is a competition between two …

Green Santa

Here is the Green Santa website I worked on for Christmas 2008. Help get the word around and add the Facebook App. I know it’s not Christmas anymore, but there is always this year.

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