Jamie White

Co-founder @ Piing

Projection Mapping

It’s about time I gave this a go. So with the help of a talented motion graphics guy and openFrameworks, we got a nice demo going on the LOVE. Mural. We want to make this a permanent installation, and add some interactivity later on.

oF + flosc = MIDI in Flash

I spent a day working out the workflow of getting openFrameworks talking to Flash. So as a test project I decided to attempt to get MIDI messages from my MIDI controller into Flash. This was something I wanted to do a few years ago but didn’t have the technical know-how. For this setup I am […]

Are You Fox or Chicken?

I made an AIR app for LOVE. for a guerilla projection for Umbro outside of the office, generating some interest around the campaign for Umbro’s Stealth football boot. Everyone in the video thought the projection was coming from the street behind, when in fact it was out of the building to the left. Which was […]


I’ve written a simple particle system that abandons the use of display objects. A typical particle system in Flash would often use Sprites or MovieClips that have their properties updated by a single enter frame. This can usually result in performance issues if they are not removed properly afterwards. The particles in this example are […]

Circles in 3D Space

Ok, this post is a bit random. I was playing about with animating circle outlines using trig, then just went overboard making it scale and stuff. Then I remembered Seb Lee-Delisle wrote a simple drawing api for Flash 10, so then I made made a similar thing in 3D space. Be patient with the 3D […]

Floating PV3D Planes

Here is something I made a while back. I was mimicking a sequence from a TV ad which meant splitting up a 2D image and mapping them onto 3D planes for animation. This idea was abandoned in the end for something more substantial. It was cool to accomplish it, at least. So here’s how its […]


I’ve taken a leap into C++ and setup openFrameworks in Xcode (on mac) and Code::Blocks (on pc). openFrameworks is great for producing offline material for installations, such as this. So far I have got my head around a few addons including Box2D and some basic openCV bits.