ARTR for Salford Uni at MediaCityUK

At LOVE I spent the last few weeks developing an art installation for Salford University at MediaCityUK, where people can add their brush strokes to a huge digital canvas using their smartphone and tablet. This involved three massive screens, three rack-mounted Mac’s, a laptop, Socket.IO, node.js, a mobile web app and four AIR apps (using […]

Setting up Socket.IO for production (It’s important!)

The file is big. If you want to use Socket.IO in a production environment, I strongly suggest you read this… Here is the recommended setup for a production environment io.configure(‘production’, function(){ console.log(doodlr + ” set config for production”); io.enable(‘browser client minification’); // send minified client io.enable(‘browser client etag’); // apply etag caching logic […]