Setting up Socket.IO for production (It’s important!)

The file is big. If you want to use Socket.IO in a production environment, I strongly suggest you read this…

Here is the recommended setup for a production environment

io.configure('production', function(){
console.log(doodlr + " set config for production");
io.enable('browser client minification'); // send minified client
io.enable('browser client etag'); // apply etag caching logic based on version number
io.enable('browser client gzip'); // gzip the file
io.set('log level', 1); // reduce logging
io.set('transports', [ // enable all transports (optional if you want flashsocket)
, 'flashsocket'
, 'htmlfile'
, 'xhr-polling'
, 'jsonp-polling'

run the following in terminal:

$ NODE_ENV=production node app.js

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  1. Hi, Thanks for this useful information.
    But could you please add an article regarding switching from production to dev environment.