Jamie White

Co-founder @ Piing

How to use Nodemon with a custom node.js version

How to use a specific version of Node.js (using NVM) inside of Nodemon, so your application auto-reloads after code changes, but overrides the default node version. 1. Get Nodemon and NVM; then run the NVM command to install the version of node you need for your project. 2. Create an .nvmrc file in your project […]

AWS : Inspect Redis Elasticache Cluster on Local Machine

Launch amazin-linux ec2 server and create a security group on same VPC as your elasticache cluster. Expost port 22 / shh inbound. Assuming you have your AWS credentials prepped, run the following to create a tunnel to your redis server on port 9999 of your local machine: ssh -i ~/.ssh/{creds}.pem -L 9999:{remote-redis-host}:{remote-redis-port} ec2-user@{ec2-public-dns-name} You can […]

Firefox Chromeless Fullscreen

This is a solution to get Firefox (Quantum) working chromeless in fullscreen from startup. This would be useful for setting up a browser for a kiosk. Create a userChrome.css file: https://www.howtogeek.com/334716/how-to-customize-firefoxs-user-interface-with-userchrome.css/ Paste this in to the css file: Useful to have installed for any other tweaks to the browser style… https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Tools/Browser_Toolbox Add this extension to […]

Multi-touch on MacOS in the Browser

I am faced, yet again, with making multi-touch work in the browser on MacOS. This has always been a tricky one to solve. There have been working solutions in the past but the ones I can find are broken in one way or another and have become dusty and forgotten. Probably because most people decide […]

Hundreds of Thousands of Particles at 60 fps

Recently been getting to grips with Cinder, OpenGL and GLSL for a project. I managed to get close to a million particles drawing at around 60fps Here’s what I did to achieve this: Firstly I created a VBO mesh that contained randomly positioned vertices (each vertex represented a root particle position). Using VBO meshes mean […]