AWS : Inspect Redis Elasticache Cluster on Local Machine

Launch amazin-linux ec2 server and create a security group on same VPC as your elasticache cluster. Expost port 22 / shh inbound. Assuming you have your AWS credentials prepped, run the following to create a tunnel to your redis server on port 9999 of your local machine: ssh -i ~/.ssh/{creds}.pem -L 9999:{remote-redis-host}:{remote-redis-port} [email protected]{ec2-public-dns-name} You can […]

Firefox Chromeless Fullscreen

This is a solution to get Firefox (Quantum) working chromeless in fullscreen from startup. This would be useful for setting up a browser for a kiosk. Create a userChrome.css file: Paste this in to the css file: Useful to have installed for any other tweaks to the browser style… Add this extension to […]

Smooth Shading in Blender / GLTF / THREE.JS MeshPhysicalMaterial

This is how you get smooth shading on your meshes from Blender -> GLTF -> THREE (with a MeshPhysicalMaterial)   1. Export your mesh with smooth shading toggled on in the object’s Tools -> Edit menu. 2. Make sure material.flatShading=false  is set on your material. 3. If you still have problems, see this

Fix timezone settings for PHP on Mac OSX El Capitan for Symfony

Symfony requires you to specify a date.timezone in the ini file. The problem is, Mac uses it’s own install of PHP, and you need to create directory structure it searches for the ini file… and a php.ini file. Here’s how you do it. 1. Open terminal 2. nano /Library/Server/Web/Config/php/php.ini 3. add line date.timezone = “Europe/London” […]

Hundreds of Thousands of Particles at 60 fps

Recently been getting to grips with Cinder, OpenGL and GLSL for a project. I managed to get close to a million particles drawing at around 60fps Here’s what I did to achieve this: Firstly I created a VBO mesh that contained randomly positioned vertices (each vertex represented a root particle position). Using VBO meshes mean […]