I spent a day working out the workflow of getting openFrameworks talking to Flash. So as a test project I decided to attempt to get MIDI messages from my MIDI controller into Flash. This was something I wanted to do a few years ago but didn’t have the technical know-how.

For this setup I am using Flosc, openFrameworks and Flash. Flosc is a Flash gateway for sending and receiving OSC (Open Sound Control) messages. The visuals were thrown together in a couple of minutes so aren’t great.

The circles sizes change according to the velocity of a specific key on the MIDI controller.

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  1. That’s really awesome. I wanted to work with Flash and MIDI a couple of years ago but I ended up just using a MIDI trigger to key stroke converter and using that instead, which is pretty basic and doesnt let you use controls like velocity. I think I’m inspired to pick up the project again and have another go!

  2. Have you had any luck going in the oppposite direction? i.e. sending MIDI messages from flash, through flosc and out to your physical MIDI device?

    1. I have sent data to openframeworks from flash. on top of that, all you would need to do is work out what MIDI data to output depending on the data received from flash. I hope that makes sense!

  3. Hi i really like this concept of controlling flash with midi. I am an audio technology graduate from lincoln university (David McSherry) I would be extremely interested in using ths idea as part of my band and our stage show, if you would be interested? feel free to email me at the above address Gary

    1. Hi mate, sounds like a cool idea. I can point you in the right direction if you like. Give me a shout if you are still interested. Jamie.