Doodlr – Instant Smartphone Interaction

Here is an installation we did over the last month at LOVE. No apps, just go to the website on your smartphone over 3G, and join in! We pulled this off using & node.js, Adobe AIR and HTML5. It got a nice bit of PR too: / Creativity Online / / The […]

Cinema4D r12 to Three.js workflow (in note form)

– Create your scene in Cinema4D – Make sure all of the normals are correct (to prevent having to double side everything) – Select all of the objects to bake – Replace items after bake – Export as *.3ds – Open Blender – Import *.3ds – Export as Wavefront (.obj) – Get this python script […]

Cinema4D Texture Baking for Away3D / WebGL (in note form)

– Make sure all lights have ‘ambient illumination’ checked. (maybe ‘show illumination’ too). – Select Objects to bake – Select render > bake object. – Check illumination, Single texture. (also replace objects for final version). – Apply baked jpeg / png in cinema4d as the color texture, and not luminosity of the material. Import to […]

Setting up Socket.IO for production (It’s important!)

The file is big. If you want to use Socket.IO in a production environment, I strongly suggest you read this… Here is the recommended setup for a production environment io.configure(‘production’, function(){ console.log(doodlr + ” set config for production”); io.enable(‘browser client minification’); // send minified client io.enable(‘browser client etag’); // apply etag caching logic […]