Arduino with Flash

I had a great day on Friday at MadLab with Palmerama, Mr Baldry , Matt Booth and Chris Wilson getting to grips with a bit of Arduino programming. It mostly involved switching LED’s on and off, but it was a simple way to learn how to use the Arduino hardware. Some of us were hoping to get Flash talking to the hardware by the end of the workshop, but we ran out of time. So I had a mess about with it today.

I made a couple of circuits to control various properties of a rectangle in Flash. The first potentiometer is to control scale, the second potentiometer is to rotation and the button alters the y position when the push button is pressed or released. Also, to demonstrate Flash talking back to the hardware, the green LED fades according to the value of the first potentiometer (which Flash sets).

Arduino with Flash

PS3 The Game

Most people enjoy a summer holiday, but I had the pleasure of spending my summer building games and other bits for the PS3 The Game campaign alongside many other talented people at LOVE.

The Game is a competition between two teams (Team A and Team B), you choose a side. Beat the opposition by playing as many challenges as possible, and scoring as many points as you can. The Game is translated into 22 different languages and consists of over 40 mini-games and thousands of questions.

Play The Game!

Watch The Game Video

A selection of minigames from PS3 The Game

The Challenge Creator


I’ve written a simple particle system that abandons the use of display objects. A typical particle system in Flash would often use Sprites or MovieClips that have their properties updated by a single enter frame. This can usually result in performance issues if they are not removed properly afterwards. The particles in this example are drawn to a sprite (off stage) every frame, then the container is drawn to a bitmap. I’ve had about 5000 particles being drawn each frame, effortlessly.

Flash 10 Circles